Campaign Platform

Service to My Community

I decided to run for Ward 4 City councilman for several reasons, but primarily because I felt that I had something to offer the City of Smyrna. Several people called me immediately prior to the qualifying dates and convinced me of this. In my 30 year career as a municipal consultant I have seen and helped to solve as many municipal related issues and problems as most of our current City Councilman during their terms in office. I have served numerous other cities and counties in Georgia and helped them to improve their community for many years. I think that it is time that I help my own.


For over 30 years I have worked closely with Mayors, City Managers, City Council representatives and various other municipal departments in cities throughout north Georgia. I have assisted with budgets, funding, capital improvement planning, scheduling and a wide array of other tasks necessary to operate a community. Throughout my career I have maintained the attitude that, as a consultant, my clients hired our company, and therefore me, to provide answers to their problems. I plan to utilize the experience and knowledge that I have gathered throughout my career to make the City of Smyrna a better place to live.


As a businessman it is critical to remain accessible to your customers. Missing a call may mean missing a job. If elected as your City Councilman, I will maintain the same attitude. You are, in a business sense, hiring me to represent you. As your representative, your calls are just as important. While there are times that it is inappropriate to answer a cell phone, I do pledge to return every phone call that I receive within a reasonable time period.

Honesty and Integrity

Too many times these days we hear about our elected officials transgressions in some scandal or another. I can tell you that I have a clear conscience regarding my dealings with other people both in my business affairs and my personal life, and intend to maintain this standard as a City Councilman.

As your city councilman I will vote based upon the understanding of the issue and the merit of its result. There will be times when City Council votes as a whole, as well as my individual vote, may be controversial. While those decisions my not please everyone, my vote will be based on the facts presented and known to me, with the best interest of the City in mind.